Rules & Regulations


Psychotherapy & counselling Polyclinic and Training Centre

C-5, Commerce Centre, Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400 034. Tel: 23521412, 23516112.

  1. Fees once paid are not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.
  1. The notes, journals, and other course material given to the students are the property of the institute. They will not be used at any time against the interest of the institute by the students. Action will be taken against students found guilty of this.
  1. Students are expected to complete the course in specified period of time.
  1. The course material will be dispatched by courier service or e-mail as preferred by the student at regular intervals. Change in the mode of education will not be possible once specified at the commencement of the course.
  1. Students must send the feedbacks, answer-sheets and other responses as required in specified period of time.
  1. The institute reserves the right of admission of any student to any course at MRICE or MANTHAN. It also reserves the right to expel any student if found necessary for any valid reason, without advance notice, and fees paid by the student in such cases will not be refunded.
  1. All disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

I have read the rules and regulations of MANTHAN and agree to abide by the same.

I also hereby confirm that the given information is true.


I prefer to follow the course ONLINE or by COURIER SERVICE. (Please strike off that is not applicable)