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P.G.C.D.C- Post Graduate Counselling Diploma Course

Goal: To prepare for a career as counsellors & psychotherapists to help adults resolve psychological, emotional and behavioural problems.

Incredible Syllabus

Course Contents:
Entire course syllabus is completed in about 12 months, distributed in 3 semesters.
Theories and Techniques:
The covers more than 15 Theories including classical, contemporary and modern theories.
Main contributors being Freud, Carl Rogers (Client-centred), Gestalt, REBT, BT, CT, Transactional analysis & others with special inclusions of relevant techniques followed in the application of every theory.


Unique features of CDC Program:

Personal counselling sessions-
This is a unique feature offered only by MANTHAN’s CDC course. Every student will be required to undergo about 12 to 16 personal counselling sessions.
This helps the student to-
  ✔ develop understanding of ‘self’ and gain insight
  ✔ learn application and use of different theories and techniques
  ✔ helps the counselee to experience the feelings like empathy, respect....
  ✔ understanding the feelings the counselee will experience while in the counselling process
  ✔ enables greater efficiency on the part of the counsellor
Online students will be guided to perform this through constant monitoring of their work with the counselee through telephonic conversations or skype.

Supervised Control Counselling sessions:
This part of the course strengthens the counsellor’s ability to help counselee with various symptoms and experience the actual process of counselling he/she will encounter while practicing professionally. About 16 to 18 hours of control counselling sessions are offered to every student

  • this involves the opportunity to counsel an actual counselee learning to choose the appropriate techniques under controlled supervision of the guiding counsellor.
  • Online students will be guided to perform this through constant monitoring of their work with the counselee through telephonic conversations or skype.

Contact Points

  • About 10 contact s are made during the course through e-mails, skype or telephone calls.
  • They are usually held once in two weeks at appointed times.
  • All the counselling and psychotherapy theories and techniques are explained at these meets.
  • Notes and other course material will be sent to student in advance in hard copy form for prior reading.

Seminars and work shop  Video recording of seminars and work-shops will be mailed to every candidate from time-to- time.

*Breaking Emotional Barriers
*Energy of Anger 
*Fear Facts 
*Stress and Tensions

*Assertiveness Training 
*Personality Points for Counsellors Health, Grooming, Body language, Social, Etiquette.

G.K. : Occasional notes are provided to improve understanding of the environment

Camps- (Optional) : Students are suggested to attend following camps in their local areas

  • An overnight Yoga/Meditation Camp
  • Visit to a rural area to understand effect of their culture, superstitions, religion on their existence.

Other Supportive Subjects

  • +Relaxation training
  • +Systematic Desensitization

Specialization in chosen subject- Student will be awarded a special certificate on completion of his/her specialization subject. This is a mandatory part of the full course in counselling to qualify as a professional counsellor.
After the completion of the first two semesters as given above the third semester consists of variety of subjects to choose from
  * Personal Adjustment Counselling,
  * Students Counselling
  * Adolescents Counselling
  * Early childhood Counselling (Play therapy, Art Therapy),
  * Family and relationship Counselling…
At the end of the third semester students will work with two cases in the field of their chosen specialization subject under supervision and present the work as their project for final evaluation Presentation (Optional):  Students are encouraged and provided facility to make a Power Point Presentation.

Entire Course Duration- for three semesters 12 months (approximately).