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L.D-Learning Disability Remedial Teacher’s Training Diploma Course Remedial Teacher’s Training


Learning disability (LD) or dyslexia is a condition in which a person has difficulty learning in a conventional manner. This is usually caused by an unknown factor or factors. Learning disability refers to significant learning problems in one or more of academic areas such as acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematical abilities. Therefore it becomes important to make parents, teachers, and others aware of the facts about this unique problem.

This course provides special education suitable for individuals (Parents, Teachers, Social workers), who aspire to help dyslexics and similarly affected persons. The training involves multi-structured and multi-sensory remedial strategies, teaching techniques and improvisation needed for individual’s learning capacity and needs, through caring attitudes and positive motivation. IEP (Individualistic Educational Plan) are often preferred to suit individual needs. Researchers think that learning disabilities are caused by difference in how a person’s brain works and how it processes information. Children with learning disabilities are not “dumb” or “lazy.” In fact, they often have average or above average intelligence. Their brains just process information differently.

There is no “cure” for learning disabilities. They persist for life-long. However, children with LD can be high achievers and can be taught ways to get around their learning disability. With the right help, children with LD can and do learn successfully.

Course Content


  • Introduction to learning disabilities- symptoms and causes
  • Kinds of learning disabilities- dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia
  • Informal & formal assessment procedures
  • Strategies to plan educational program for each case
  • Planning curriculum and designing worksheets and assignment sheets
  • IEP (Individual Educational Plan) for Intervention and Remediation program for every child

Practicum and internship

  • A candidate is required to work with two children diagnosed to have LD condition under the guidance and supervision of the training faculty.
  • The case file presenting sessions conducted for this practical experience is to be submitted in the prescribed manner for final evaluation.

After the Course, Work Opportunities

  • Students are eligible to work in Schools, NGOs, Remedial clinics or other organizations as special educators.
  • Enterprising students are offered necessary guidance, assistance and encouragement to set up their own clinics.
  • Parents may use the training and skills to help their own children.

Assessment and completion of the course

  • The final theory test will be conducted online.
  • Candidate will be permitted to start practical work in the clinic only after successfully passing the written examination.
  • To qualify for the Diploma in Learning Disability Remedial Teacher Training Course the candidates should have completed the above syllabus and must obtain minimum aggregate of 40% in the final assessment.
  • Diploma certificates will be awarded only upon completion of the work with two cases independently or in an organization. Parents may submit report of work carried out with their own children.
  • Manthan-An International Affiliated Member Organization of WFMH-World Federation for Mental Health-will award the authentic prestigious diploma certificate to candidates successfully completing the course.