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C-5, Commerce Center,Tardeo Road, Near Tardeo Air conditioned Market,

Between Haji Ali & Mumbai Central,

Mumbai - 400034, India

Phone No. : 022 23521412, 022 23510672, 9833632910,8879920354

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General information about our location:-

We are situated in the heart of Mumbai city. Mumbai city is the financial capital of India. Our city is constantly throbbing with various activities. It holds one and half million (approximately) people. It is a beautiful peninsula on the bank of Arabian Sea. We are well connected with the entire world via all the major air lines. The internal transport system by local trains, public buses, taxis are most convenient way of communicating in the different parts of the well spread large city that hosts 5 Star hotels and other accommodations. Mumbai enjoys status of world class educational university collages and other institutes. It is one of the friendliest city were men, women and children can safely interact with intra- and international crowds.